Pietro d'Abano, Marco Polo and Fra Giovanni degli Eremitani

The meeting between Pietro d'Abano and Marco Polo is documented in a brief report, which is located in Conciliator (Differentia 67). The witness is included in the debate on the habitability of land in the region and indeed Equatorial Marco Polo can confirm that they have found few homes and only a few men in this region he visited because of the heat. But this testimony is given numerous other information) on a constellation of the region observed by Marco Polo, which was also traced to a drawing of Peter Abano, b) the possibility to observe the pole Arctic and Antarctic Pole, c ) on spices reported in Venice, d) on a strange animal as large as a battering ram, but covered with bristles harsh as those of our pigs. The comparison of this witness "scientific" Pietro d'Abano with the many versions of Devisement dou monde allowed, on the one hand, to find confirmation of claims reported by Paduan scientist (with the exception of the observation of the star designed by Marco Polo) and to highlight the "embellishments" literary added by Rustichello from Pisa to the story navigator veneziano.Nello same context of Differentia 67 Pietro d'Abano takes note of a Epistola de India received, just as he was writing the Conciliator by Johannes frater Cordellarius, which can be identified with one of the Eremitani John, Augustine, who according to testimony late dell'Ongarello was considered "great inzegnero" for having conceived and built the chapel Cordellieri in the Church of the Eremitani, both for having designed and built in 1306 the coverage of the Palace of Reason, as well as numerous other buildings. The witness dell'Ongarello, to be honest never taken very seriously precisely because it is too late, said that between John <<had tried almost everything in the world and a part of India had found the most solemn covered with a building that never was seen and had brought with him the design>>. Now, the testimony of Peter contemporary of Abano, to be honest long and detailed, if I am not mistaken so far escaped to scholars-confirmation with great precision the trip between John until the region Mohabar, where according to an ancient tradition he found the tomb of Thomas, even if it is unable to say anything about "solemn covered" of the Palace, probably because this year the Augustinian had not yet returned to Padua.

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