Until the Table of Elements of Mendeleev (1869) analysis of the compound is developed on the balance between the four elements (earth, water, air, fire) and their quality. The harmony of a body was jeopardized by a poison and that risk was to be faced with a 'poison'. Image example is the poisoning of Socrates, a subject taken from Pietro d'Abano, but also by reporter John Villani. Belong all'iconografia of poisoning legends of Alexander the Great and St. John. Starting from the chronicle of the century. XIII and touching between some common themes from James Lentini, Cecco d'Ascoli and De venenis Pietro d'Abano will be seen as the literature of the fourteenth century seem very sensitive to this issue and present cases of Giambono Boni, Gregory d'Arezzo the comments to Ovid, Brunetto Latini, volgarizzamenti table Ritonda and their connection with the translation of Kalila and Dimna, and the nightmares of Fiammetta of Boccaccio. It then is the case in reach for excellence that perpetrated by the untori the plague of 1348, symbolized by dragons and beasts avvelenatrici, but also from animals purifying and then English at the 1531 condemning to death by boiling the avvelenatori. This is to highlight the multi expressive than scientific and literary culture of Padua Pietro d'Abano, as well analyzed Paul Marangon was far-In good times and in male- from current settorializzazioni science and literature.

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