Pietro d'Abano and the anatom

Pietro d'Abano shows very interested all'anatomia. In the 1496 the Conciliator and the after-Differentia cxcix is annexed xylography a demonstration of abdominal muscles. The table, however, missing from the original text, and so in previous editions, it was obviously made by the set on the basis of directions given in the text. In Differentia cxcix the Aponense, after having quoted a Greek text and the opinions of Razi and Averroes, appealed to his direct observation ( "Considerans true denuo anatomiam sensitive huius vision percepi ordinem musculorum tactum secundo: videntur enim in off aliquando confundi ut nequeant sense discerni '). Also, Pietro d'Abano was responsible for the autopsy of the first that we know in Padua, albeit performed for medico. In his treatise De venenis, in fact, refers dissection of the corpse of a pharmacist who had accidentally poisoned with mercury (quidam apothecarius, cum tempore de nocte magni aestus sitiret, tentans invenit ampullam plenam for mercury, quod bibit. Et mane inventus est mortuus, et invenientes argentum vivum exire de ano, anatomizatus fuit, et inventus fuit sanguis about cor coagulatus et ipsum cor similiter. Inveneruntque in stomacho libram unam silverware alive).

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