"Pietro d'Abano on poisons. Medieval Tradition and Greek sources"

In the field of medical sciences, and Pietro d'Abano is better known for His remarks about De materia medica of Greek Dioscorides (sec. AD). Nevertheless, he also composed a Legacy on poisons, which presents Symptoms resulting dall'inoculazione to poison a number of And by the animals orally poison of plant origin,Animal or mineral. For each of these, Pietro d'Abano also mentions the Medicinal treatment. It aims to identify sources Used by Pietro d'Abano to compose the work, mainly sources Greek possibilimente consulted during his stay in Constantinople. Anticipiamo that allow examination of this pair Working with Peter that he has done on De materia medica of Dioscorides Because the sources he used were the two treaties toxicology Attributed to Dioscorides and usually associated with De materia medica in Greek manuscripts.

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