Graziella Federici Vescovini

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My most relevant publications also affect the most important masters in the history of philosophy and science of Studio Paduan early fourteenth century (Peter of Abano) and the end of the XIV (Biagio Pelacani from Parma Padua professor in the years 1382 - 85, famous optical and logical. him I dedicated the monograph, astrology and science The crisis dell'aristotelismo the spill Three hundred and Biagio Pelacani from Parma, Florence, new editions Vallecchi, 1976, with other critical edition of Quaestiones Logical , Paris, Vrin, 2002, now the critical edition of Quaestiones perspectivae, Paris, Vrin, 2007:

On Peter of Abano many studies in English and French, as well as in Italian: preparatory studies for the critical edition of Lucidator dubitabilium astronomiae, Padua, editions Program (Felisari) 2nd ed, 2002, (but before 1988); Peter the Abano and sources astronomical greco-arabo-latine of Lucidator, Middle Ages, 11 (1988), p.65-96189-205;
Peter of Abano and Astrology, Astrology, science and society, Woodbridge, 1987, p.19-40:
Albumasar in Sadan and Peter of Abano, in the dissemination of Islamic science in the Middle Ages, Academy of Lincei, Rome, 1987, p.29-55;
The place privilegiée de l'astrologie-astronomie dans l'encyclopedias des sciences de Pierre d'Abano, Knowledge and the sciences in medieval philosophy, Helsinki, vol.III, 1990, p.42-41;
Peter of Abano, between biography and fortune, two portraits fourteenth, in the Middle Ages 16 (1990), pp293.321;
The symmetry of the human body in physiognomica Peter d'abano, Concordia discors, Padua ,1993,347-380;
The testimony of Pierre de Abano (lucidator dubitabilium astronomiae-astrologiae), perspecti ves médiévales sur l'astronomie ancienne, astronomie Arab du IXe au siècle XII, in Perspectives arabes et mèdièvale sur la tradition et scientifiques philosophiques grecque, Peeters. Paris, 1997 (ed. A. Hasnawi and others)

The anthropology of natural Peter Abano, Paradigms, 13 (1997), p.325-341

The idea of virtus hidden in the teaching of medical Arnaldo Villanova and Peter of Abano, Ecriture et recriture des textes philosophiques médiévaux, volume en hommage de Colette Sirat, Brepols, 2006, pp.107-137, Finally in relation to Padua published work on the frescoes astrologci Palazzo della Ragione made in connection with astrology Peter of Abano, Labiryntos, 1986, p.50-75 and in relation to the frescoes of Schifanoia, L'Art de la renaissance, science et entre spells, edited by Philippe Morel, Rome Collection de l'académie de Rome, 2004, pp 55-82.
Finally for the Study Paduan published Statutes of college Paduan artists and doctors of 1330, Quaderni for the history of the University of Padua, 13 (1980), pp.141.145,