Romana Martorelli Vico was student of the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa and is a graduate in History of Medieval philosophy at the University of Pisa. Having dealt with grammar speculative, taking care of the edition of Quaestiones above Priscian less than Gentile by Cingoli (Pisa 1985), has focused his studies and his interests on the medical aspects of medieval thinking and editions of texts. In addition to various essays on Italian and foreign journals, the published edition dell'Expositio super capitulum De Generation embrionis Canonis Avicennae of Mondino de Liuzzi (Rome 1993), has edited a question anonymous environment Franciscan on intensione and remission of essential (Picenum Seraphicum 2002), published a volume Medicine and Philosophy. For a story dell'embriologia medieval in the thirteenth and fourteenth century (Milan 2002), has completed the critical edition of De formatione corporis humani in utero of Egidio Romano (Florence, SISMEL, Corsican print). With the chair of the History of Medieval philosophy at the University of Pisa. He is a member of the National Commission Scientific Publishing "The Medical School Salernitana. He teaches a contract History medieval philosophy at the University of Urbino.